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There’s an ongoing exhibit at the Museo De Baler (Quezon Park) about Pres. Manuel L. Quezon and his Social Justice program. It was probably opened last August 19 but I only saw it last week. It’s titled Justice For All which reminded me of the Metallica album. The text on one panel says:

President Manuel L. Quezon believed in the worth and significance of the common man. This belief is at the heart of his campaign for social justice which he championed throughout his presidency.

President Quezon sought to achieve social justice by protecting the rights of laborers through legislation and personal projects, and by creating more jobs for the common man. He believed that work is the measure of a man therefore man must be allowed to improve his lot and the government must help him. He empowered the disenfranchised: women were given the right to vote, tenants a chance to own land, laborers protection from ill working conditions. He put in place an effective educational system and provided the poor with knowledge and skills to better themselves.

He strove to protect our country from dangerous class wars, a danger that persists to this day. He envisioned a country united despite differences in social class and creed, and a time when this campaign for social justice would no longer be necessary. He appealed to each Filipino’s moral impulse to protect his fellowmen.

This exhibit traces one man’s efforts to ensure justice for all and to unite them all under one nation. Let it be a testament. Let it be a lesson to all generations.

Here are some pictures:

MLQ Exhibit

MLQ Exhibit

MLQ Exhibit

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  1. Akaw ay Tagalog ang salita sa Baler, ang “magandang hapon” at “salamat po” ay ganun din sa Baler. Maliban siguro sa salitanh “hapon” na magiging “hapun”.

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