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Someone posted a picture of “kabatiti” at the Barangay Batangbaler blog. There’s no close-up shot but you will get the idea of what it looks like. It’s a shrub and the young shoots are used to flavor fish soups. I believe it is used exclusively for fishes. Some people say that there are actually two varieties of this plant, the male – called kabatiti and the female – called kabakiki.

Barangay Batangbaler is a blog i created for all Aurorans who want to share their photos and stories. Check it out.

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5 Responses to Kabatiti

  1. elesbo says:

    pag virgin pa siguro gan un, pag hindi na wala na yung kaba!

  2. Ngiyau says:

    Kabatiti Tips:

    Kabatiti is best cooked with buting, kibit, kat-ti, and piyel (avalone) using seawater to boil. Akaw! sarap otoy at nini.

  3. toots says:

    nasa mindoro aku kahapun at sabi nung katipan ku kabatiti daw ang ang ulam ng tingnan ku ay parang patola na bulol pala. funny because iba-iba din pala ang pangalan hehehe. can someone clarify this?

  4. boy buslog says:

    Kabatiti! Isa lng msasabi k dyan? Akaw! Npksarap sa isda! Kya aq ai ngppsalamat s mga kaibigan k dyan sa port n mhilig mngawil at pntikim nla skin iyun bgo aq pmunta ng america. D2 ai mlalaki ang kabatiti hahahaha!!

  5. anne says:

    ah’h yub pla ang kabatiti nakakatawa haha

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