Daughter of slain publisher appeals to SC to transfer venue of murder trial

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No snippets from Ariel Avendano of Manila Bulletin. He has issues with posting his news without permission.  Although I believe that I don’t need to ask for his permission to quote him and provide a link to his stories (read fair-use clause in the IP Act of the Philippines), I decided to humor him.

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One thought on “Daughter of slain publisher appeals to SC to transfer venue of murder trial”

  1. I support the family of the former publisher. Media People has been targeted for murder or threats in case they expose the truth to the public knowledge. Politicians would not want a negative publicity because they want to stay in the position for the longest time. Politicians are the most powerful people in the Municipality. If not for the media the public would not know the irregularities happening.

    I thank the Media People for doing their job of telling the truth and nothing but the truth to the Public even it will cause them deaths. Media tells the public the good side and bad side of a matter, place, people and anything important for good living. Media People are doing their jobs to publish what is going on in the City, Municipality, Barangay and the entire country. Media helps People to be aware of their Rights To Know in the society they belong.

    I suggest to the present Government to grant heroism in case a Media Person is murdered for revealing the truth, to give Honor to the slain Media Person for being brave.

    No one is above the Law, No one is a criminal until found guilty in the court of Law.

    Let us protect our Media People who bring us the truth for our awareness.

    Let us protect our PRESS FREEDOM for our Democracy.

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