Agta Ako!

Agta Ako! about the Siege of Baler :

1. Why it took almost a year for the revolutionaries to defeat the Spaniards before they finally surrendered. Why was the newspaper article had more bearing for the Los Ultimos than the persuasion of the revolutionaries?
2. Is the church really impenetrable? They were surrounded, all their supplies cut-off, they suffered from beriberi. They were outnumbered. They had defectors in their ranks.
3. Considering the above, were the revoultionaries out of their wits to force surrender? Were they untrained bunch of indios bravos?

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Joseph T. Gonzales, aka Kidlat is the creator of Batangbaler, the website and online community of all the scattered Balereños and Aurorans on Earth. He is based in Baler.

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