This is Doña Aurora Quezon’s birthplace. Its a national historical site. There’s a historical marker in front of this house. This is part of the local historical trail visited by tourists. The owner of an Internet center somewhere near the area may not know this. That red banner pointing to their location is an eyesore. Its like an unwanted popup ad in a website. That thing should be removed and placed elsewhere.

I noticed this during our recent Baler tour as part of our tour guides training. It must have been there a long time but I only noticed it’s inappropriateness when I was acting as a tourist. If i’m not from Baler, and on a tour bus, and brought to this area, I would immediately notice it as out of place. I may not even take a photo of the house.

Update: The banner was removed two weeks after this post. I’m beginning to think that this website could really make a change.

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Joseph T. Gonzales, aka Kidlat is the creator of Batangbaler, the website and online community of all the scattered Balereños and Aurorans on Earth. He is based in Baler.

6 thoughts on “Eyesore”

  1. that banner is really an eyesore. my personal opinion is that ,that banner has no sense of politeness to a landmark. don’t you have any historical society that could look into this?

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