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Typhoon Paeng

Still no electricity here in Baler and the rest of the province. The sun is up and the sky is clear. The picture above is the only sign of damage I saw here in Baler, a fallen ipil-ipil tree in front of our building in ASCOT. Otherwise, everything is okay here. In the Dicadi area (northern Aurora about 200 kilometers from Baler), the story is different.

from‘Paeng’ weakens, exits RP:

Aurora took the brunt of the typhoon. Floods rose waist-deep as of 4 a.m. yesterday in the towns of Dilasag, Casiguran and Dinalungan.

A province-wide blackout began at 11 p.m. on Sunday. Electricity had not been restored as of 3 p.m. yesterday.

More than 300 families in Casiguran and 65 others from Dinalungan evacuated to the town centers to escape rising floodwaters. They began returning to their villages before lunch time.

Ramon Aquino, public works regional director, said Paeng’s winds blew the roofs off seven school buildings, a health center and barangay hall in Pangitahan, also in Dilasag.

The Baler-Casiguran and Baler-Bongabon roads in Aurora were not passable due to landslides, Aquino said. The only access route to Aurora was the Pantabangan-Canili Road via Nueva Ecija province.

A 28-year-old mother and her 6-year-old daughter drowned on Sunday night after strong waves whipped by Paeng’s winds washed away their hut on the coast of Dilasag town in northern Aurora. They were identified as Jocelyn and Iza Viares of Barangay Dimaseset in Dilasag.

from Paeng leaves one dead, minimal damage:

..a number of families who have earlier been forcibly evacuated in Casiguran, Aurora have already returned to their homes. “They are all safe. Those whom we subjected to mandatory evacuation have already returned in Casiguran.


Several barangays in Aurora have been totally cut off as roads and bridges destroyed. The roads going to Dinalungan, Casiguran and Dilasag are not passable due to the overflowing of river water. Major parts of the provinces of Aurora and Isabela are without electricity and large areas are still without communications. All above figures should therefore be taken as indicative only. It will probably take until Tuesday evening before a better understanding of the situation can be expected.

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