Seer of Sea and Sierra

This Manila Standard column of Fel Maragay (First Crack) ponders on the exclusion of Sen. Edgardo Angara from the shortlist of opposition senatorial candidates for next year’s election. He also has info about the SEDJA biography to be launched this week – Ed Angara: Seer of Sea and Sierra.

By the way, we look forward to reading Angara’s biography, entitled Seer of Sea and Sierra. The 191-page book was penned by the late Nick Joaquin, (pseudonym: Quijano de Manila), regarded as the greatest Filipino writer of the 20th century and the Grand Old Man of Philippine Literature. During his twilight years, Joaquin busied himself writing biographies of prominent Filipinos. His opus on Angara was one of the last manuscripts he wrote before his death on April 29, 2004. This journalist knew that Joaquin was also commissioned by former President Joseph Estrada to write his biography. The revered writer started interviewing Estrada while he was very much entrenched in Malacañang, but only a few chapters of the book were finished.

Angara is one of the political titans of contemporary times. He has made his mark as a parliamentarian, educator, lawyer, party leader and reformer. Given his remarkable qualities and achievements as a leader, many have hoped that he will follow in the footsteps of President Manuel Luis Quezon to Malacañang. Both Quezon and Angara came from Baler, Quezon (now Aurora province).

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One thought on “Seer of Sea and Sierra”

  1. The book “Ed Angara: Seer of Sea and Sierra” simply confirms that SEJA is one of a kind… he’s a great man… he’s really the best president we never had….

    SEJA is my boss and I witnessed how hard-working he is… He would do anything for this country… that I know as he would sometimes call me up at 6AM just to discuss legislative matters!!!

    An officemate who had been with him for more than 25 years described SEJA as INCORRUPTIBLE… to that I absolutely agree…

    As a boss, SEJA is formidable… with him, it’s a 24/7 job… but being a staff of SEJA is an honor in itself… why not? If you would have one of the country’s great minds for a boss, you would surely stride along the halls of the Senate with your head up high, proud and dignified….

    Baler is simply blessed for having SEJA….

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