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World Art Experience logoCongratulations to the San Luis, Aurora delegates to the World Art Experience held on November 22 to 28 at Angono, Rizal. The event was organized by the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) to promote the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG). A total of 12 art competitions were held and participated in by local and foreign participants.

Despite being an LMP organized event, only one town in Aurora sent participants. Props to Mayor Mariano Tangson for supporting the artists of San Luis, Aurora. Four participants from the town attended the event. They are members of an informal group called Pelisyokin Art Group. Most members were also participants of the Sining Silangan Art Fest last summer and last year. They are Donnel Gomez, Marvin Soriano, Anthony Geñosa and Federico Mauro, Jr.

They took home the following awards, a total of 5 bronze and 1 silver medals:

Finalist – Figure Painting (Marvin Soriano)
2nd Place – Life Sketching (Donnel Gomez)
3rd Place – Life Sketching (Marvin Soriano)
3rd Place – 4X8 Group Mural

More info about the event here and here

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  1. Congratulations to was a tremendous honor for Aurora to help those talented and gifted artist..we must put it in our mind that the support is very important to develop the quality of the work and the artist…Congratulations “Nano”for being there with them the guidance that you gave is enough to show that you know the meaning of Culture and that is so important..This is really a great honor for us Aurorian that we have a gifted people around us..Saludu ako when it comes to ARTS!!!!so fascinating!who knows,there is one or more PICASSO and VINCENT VAN GOUGH in the future who came from AURORA..pls. continue your support they deserve it!!!!!!GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

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