Baler Christmas Lights Display

Baler Christmas Lantern

I don’t really know how to call it – Christmas Lantern or decoration or lighting display. I opted for the most technical one. Last November 29, the “belen” on the entire stage of the municipal plaza of Baler was officially lighted or turned-on. There was a program before the lighting but I was too far from the stage to notice it. Actually, this thingy was Baler’s official entry to a Lady’s Choice christmas decoration contest. The big spots of lights on the stage are actually bulbs inside used bottles of Lady’s Choice mayonnaise. I reckon there are hundreds of them. Other materials used were coconut husks, sabutan, bamboo and other indigenous materials. The “belen” is actually shaped like a giant coconut. The municipal building is also outlined with christmas lights. It took more than a month to finish the design. More pictures on the full page.

Baler Christmas Deco

Merry Christmas on the left.

Happy New Year on the right.

The coconut “belen”

The long shot.

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