Losing Yourself in Aurora

Here’s something from the Tourism and Environment blog by Chen Mencias. I met Chen years ago. She interviewed me for this book she’s writing about Aurora. I thought that would be my “15 Minute of Fame”. I could not imagine being in a book for doing a website with 20 or so daily visitors. Anyway, I believe there was a change of plan and the book is still under construction.

Aurora is a land of sweeping beauty, a natural paradise tucked between the mighty Pacific Ocean and the rugged Sierra Madre mountain range. Quite fittingly, its name means “dawn”. Indeed, the province is on the verge of embracing changes that will affect the lives of its residents for many years to come. Former Congresswoman and currently Aurora governor, Bellaflor Angara-Castillo, now steers its development path. She sees the potential of alleviating the poverty of her kababayan (constituents) through sustainable tourism, a decision so timely with the imposition of a total log ban. Governor Castillo believes that a well planned and controlled tourism industry can improve the lives of the poor communities while addressing conservation objectives. The feisty governor believes that a non-extractive industry is a feasible alternative to logging and other destructive activities.

By the way, there’s no total log ban in Aurora. The legal logging companies are thriving here.

Chen’s blog is here.

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  1. ang galing! underwater photographer din pala siya – isa sa aking mga panaginip dahil de ku kaya mag dive. wala ako masabi kundi kahanga hanga ang mga writers na gaya niya. sana matapos na niya libro:-)

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