Surf Results

1st Ilocos Sur Surfing Crown
December 3-4, 2006
Cabugao, Ilocos Sur

Men’s Division:
CHAMPION: Jomar Gloria ( SIA)
1st Runner-up: Anthony Leubben (LU)
2nd Runner-up: Smith Dela Torre ( AU)
3rd Runner-up: Edmund Mendoza ( AU)

The 4th Lanuza Surfing Festival
November 19-26, 2006
Lanuza, surigao Del Sur

International Longboard Invitational

1st Place:Harley Ingelby (Coff’s Harbour/AUS)
2nd Place:Jackson Close (Gold Coast/AUS)
3rd Place:Grant Thomas (Sunshine Coast/AUS)
4th Place:Josh Constable (Sunshine Coast/AUS)
5th Place: Michael Bellamy (Coff’s Harbour/AUS)
Dane Pioli (Wollongong/AUS)
7th Place: Luke Landrigan (La Union/Philippines)
Jai Lee (Noosa/AUS)
Ian Bell (North Haven/AUS)

4th lanuza National Surfing Open:
CHAMPION: Luke “Lukas” Landrigan (LU)
1st Runner-up: Dionisio ” Dodo” Espejon (SIA)
2nd Runner-up: Rommel “Okoy” Rojo (AU)
3rd Runner-up: Alex ” Al-al” Comandante (SIA)

4th Lanuza National Surfing- Junior Division:
CHAMPION: Edito Alcala ( SIA)
1st Runner-up: Jefferson ” Jeff ” Dela Torre ( AU)
2nd Runner-up: Zaldy Coldura ( SIA)
3rd Runner-up: Jomar Espejon ( SIA )

3rd Wahine Surfing Open: Shortboard Event
CHAMPION: Manette Alcala (SIA)
1st Runner-up : Nilde Blancada ( SIA)
2nd Runner-up : Daisy Valdez ( LU )
3rd Runner-up: Marie Aquino (LU)

1st Wahine Longboard Open:
CHAMPION: Daisy Valdez (LU)
1st Runner-Up: Marie Aquino ( LU)
2nd Runner :Manet Alcala ( SIA )
3rd Runner-up : Crystal Espina (Lanuza)

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  1. Once again Okoy Rojo saves the day for all the Baler contenders during the Rimat ti Amianan surfing festival last December 15-18 2006, being held yearly in San Juan, La Union. He bagged the 2nd runner-up title once again! As the commentator says..”, Okoy saves the day to be the last man standing, the only Balerian against a final heat full of Ilocanos! Cheers!

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