Weather Report #1

It’s raining here in Baler since Saturday. We call it “ulang mayaman”. Not too light but not really heavy. A regular, but it shows no sign of stopping. That’s why the name. On the way to work, which was suspended later, I passed by 2 overflowing (Kinalapan and Duungan) rivers and one creek that now looks like a river. There was a radio news earlier that Sitio Gabgab in Brgy. Buhangin, the flash-flood capital of Baler, is again flooded and people are being evacuated. During typhoon Queenie, it also rained for a day in Baler and Gabgab was also flooded.

I notice that when typhoons hit above or North of Baler, the town receives less rain than when it lands below or South. Like when typhoons Paeng and Queenie hit the Casiguran area, Baler was not much affected. Only occasional rains and winds. But during the last two typhoons – Reming and Seniang which hit Bicol and Visayas, we get more rains and winds even if the typhoons were supposed to be more far from Baler during those times. Must be something to do with wind directions and geography.

And now, The electricity went out. Gotta go.

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Joseph T. Gonzales, aka Kidlat is the creator of Batangbaler, the website and online community of all the scattered Balereños and Aurorans on Earth. He is based in Baler.

5 thoughts on “Weather Report #1”

  1. maybe the mountain ranges is the ones doing these things to Baler. lucky you that you have to deal only with rain and wind. we were just hit last week by a strong winter storm. it dropped 16 inches of snow on the ground. lts of flights was cancelled, some of the metropolitan trains was halted and there were power failure because the snow has toppled down lots of trees and landed on the power lines. to have power failure here is a disaster. you can freeze inside your house. the temperature was below zero and i cannot shovel the snow. i have back problem. its good i have a snow plow and snow blower. the problem now is that the snow that fell on the ground has become hard and icy because of the bitterly cold wind. people still go out and drive. life has to go on, roads has to be salted by the city to remove and melt the snow and ice. i have to salt my driveway and the front porch not to mention my sidewalk, i dont want anybody slipping thru my sidewalk and break their limbs or i will be sued for it. so hang on there with the typhoon. pinoys and pinays are like bamboos that goes with the sway of the winds.

  2. Akaw iyun pala ang puropur. Marami tayong salita sa ulan. May TAGITI – aka ambon, may DAYIDI – itu yung malakas na ulan, singlaki ng mais ang patak, may AMPIYAS – iyan naman yung wisik ng ulan na napasuk sa bintana. Anu pa?

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