13 Mountaineers conquer Aurora side of Sierra Madre

from Philippine Star by Manny Galvez via mikeb.info

SAN LUIS, Aurora — Only 13 out of 200 mountaineers have survived the grueling 12-day mountain trek at the Aurora side of the 1.8-million hectare majestic Sierra Madre mountain ranges.

Professor Leonardo Usita, president of the Noble Blue Falcons International Association Inc. (NBFIAI) which organized the mountain trek, said the 13 survivors who conquered Sierra Madre include: his brother Christopher Usita, Dennis Avenilla, Christopher Castillo, Edwin Pantalunan, Ruel Rosales, Anthony Aganad, Norman Maglayuan, Frank Tabios, Richard Leander, and cousins Roger Hugo and Godofredo Hugo and Luis Baynosa and Lowell Baynosa.

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Here’s another news about it from Journal Online:

SAN LUIS, Aurora — After the historic conquest of Sierra Madre mountain range of Aurora Province by their mountaineering division and allied organizations last November 14-29, Noble Blue Falcons Environmentalists from all over the Philippines and South Korean students will now greet mother nature by trekking the Pacific Coastline of the said province to help promote Aurora’s tourism potentials and boost environmental awareness.

Celebrated author and historian Prof. Joseph Beatriz Usita claims that the late Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon, a native of Baler, Tayabas (which includes what is now San Luis, Aurora) was so proud and fascinated with this Pacific coast so that in his vacation times while still a student at the University of Sto. Tomas Faculty of Civil Law he would bring classmates from Manila to this coastal town of Baler (including what is now San Luis, Aurora). Furthermore, these coastal barangays of Dibut, Dibayabay, Dikapinisan, and Dimanayat, San Luis, Aurora were also the sites of the fierce battle between the combined Filipino-American forces and the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II during the liberation of the Philippines and the Pacific.

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I’m really proud of this society called Noble Blue Falcons International. It was founded and led by a “renowned” and “celebrated author” and professors from San Luis, Aurora. They have 1.9 million members worldwide.

The UP Diliman-based Falcons, which was founded in 1996, has 1.9 million members worldwide, 300,000 of whom are in the Philippines. Its members include environmentalists and peace advocates, professionals and technocrats

They used to have a website. I can’t find it now.

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  1. Akaw!! ngaun ko laang nabasa ung article na un ah! Kudos who survived the historic trek!! Galing nio men! Sana makasama ako sa susunod na expedition kung meron ulit! Matagal ko na pinpangarap maconquer ung sierra… Nagmomountaineering na din ako ngaung college kasama ng isang school based na mountaineering club..pinagmamalaki ko nga sa kanila ung mga bundok na din sa probinsya…balak din nila magclimb dun minsan.. Matagal na din ako naghahanap ng mountaineering club jan sa atin..mabuti nakita ko ‘to.. Mountaineering is a good way of promoting environmental awareness! Mabuhay ang mga tiga-aurora! Never stop exploring!

  2. I just read the story of 13 survivors of the siera madre. I pity the 187 who were not able to make it..It was not mentioned in the news or perhaps I missed, the cause of death of 187? Why they didn’t survive? Gutom ba? pagod? natuka ng ahas? or na ambushed?? I’m curious to know.

  3. ,,,hehehehe,,masaya un,, un poh ang gusto ng mga kabarkada ko mag – adventure…. kea ng decide kame na sumali sa blue falcons… sana makasurvive kameng lahat tomorrow sa hiking…. ang galing talaga…

  4. My sister grew up in the Philippines and is also a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas. She’s proud to have joined the school’s mountaineering team.. She says it’s a total adventure..

  5. sa mga kamaganak ko na nkasama sa pag counquer ng sierra, gratz!!! sana i be able to climb with you guyz again sa next climb nyo sa cierra…
    batang AURORA RULEZ!!!
    i hope someday di lang SIERRA ma climb ntin… pray with me guyz na ma climb ko ang EVEREST di baleng di ko na matupad ang iba kong pangarap basta ma climb ko lng ang bundok na yon!!!
    dont say akaw ot atila-uy!…. hahaha!!!

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