Pakaskasan 2 Photos

Pakaskasan 2

Click on the slideshow below to go the the pictures of the Pakaskasan 2 gig. With more than 12 bands in the lineup, this gig which was organized by the bands themselves is too long for me. I arrived to hear the last notes of the third band and left after the 10th. Baler rockers are into heavy metal music and I was surprised that they are into the HM bands that i used to enjoy back when i was still in college almost two decades ago. The kids play good but my disappointment is that most of them play covers. Make originals kiddos! With all cover songs in your tracklist, you’re no different than the showbands playing every night at Freddie’s place.

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Joseph T. Gonzales, aka Kidlat is the creator of Batangbaler, the website and online community of all the scattered Balereños and Aurorans on Earth. He is based in Baler.

6 thoughts on “Pakaskasan 2 Photos”

  1. yeeeeeaaahhh yeeeaaahhhh ayus po!!!sobrang mdming salamat sa batang baler sa pagcover!!salmat dn sa mga pumnta sa freddie’s mabuhay kayu kitakits ult sa su2nud na pgtitipon..heheh salamat po sa pixtures sir kid!!

  2. cool pics..i’m going to miss the gigs in baler..when i get back from manila sana may mga gigs pa..madaming madami pang pakaskasan..haha..rock on mga dudes..keep up the fire heating..hail!!astig..

  3. magaling….astig!!!!! especially those guys na nagkaroon ng “indentity crisis”
    you will be amazed pagnkita mo ung mga kalahi p.diddy at eminen ng slam sa reggae at metal music..

  4. magagaling na mga batang itu…kasu lang sana may mga compo na…yung banda nila rambo at angel ang may mga compo saka yung rubio braders…the rest di ko alam

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