Surfing Action at Cemento, Baler, Aurora

This is the reason why Baler is one of the best surfing spots in the Philippines. Video taken last 2006 during the Aurora Surfing Cup by myself and Mac Ritual. Enjoy!

About kidlat

Joseph T. Gonzales, aka Kidlat is the creator of Batangbaler, the website and online community of all the scattered Balereños and Aurorans on Earth. He is based in Baler.

5 thoughts on “Surfing Action at Cemento, Baler, Aurora”

  1. What’s in this site anyway? No pics or vid-clips about Baler or Cemento beach on its current format… Could be better in way, sayang lang. Have anything about its current and former crop of Aurora Prov surfing champs?

    Hope this could be developed further… Could be a surf website soon…

  2. pagkalame naa nai website sa taga baler!!!!!! malingaw jud ko diri sa mindanao ganahan pa jud ko. i’m quincy querijero somewhere in air force camp in mindanao

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