Sayrin and Her Long Trip to School

from by Dabet Castañeda:

She left school before she started her second year in college to join the New People’s Army in Aurora province. Sayrin fondly calls this as her long trip to her new school – the school of life in the countryside.

Two deep wounds from an M-14 bullet cut across the right leg of Ka (short for kasama or comrade) Sayrin. Sitting on a makeshift hospital bed made of bamboo wood and white rice sacks inside this New People’s Army (NPA, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines or CPP) camp somewhere in the outskirts of this province, Ka Sayrin managed to smile (and sometimes laugh) despite the obvious pain brought by the wounds.

At exactly 3 in the afternoon of August 22, about 60 soldiers from the 69th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army (IB PA) attacked Ka Sayrin and 11 of her comrades while resting in one of the barangays (villages) in this province. The signal fire from the soldiers hit Ka Alex who was sleeping inside a taffeta hammock. “Nagulat ako nung marinig yung putok. Tapus, nakita ko tumutulo na ang dugo mula sa duyan,” (I was surprised when I heard the sound of gunfire. Then I saw the blood dripping from the taffeta hammock.) Ka Sayrin said.

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