From the Archives: Aurora's Vanishing Treasures

Starting this month, I’ll dig through the website’s vault and call attention to some early posts, links and pictures. To start, read Poppo Olag’s Aurora’s Vanishing Treasures. It was featured sometime in 2002.

Aurora's Vanishing Treasures

Recently I visited Aurora and I saw the province unlike the one that bemused me sixty years ago. Then, a mere mentioned of Aurora conjures up images of impenetrable jungles, headhunters, leech-infested swamps, and its isolation to the rest of the outside world. The sheer beauty of nature was spellbinding. There were times when you plodded through the woods; iridescent light infuses the rainforest like rainbow. The sparkling coral reefs, mangrove swamps, and pristine rivers―the beauty and wonders of Aurora were almost too much to bear. Now these impressions no longer languish. Aurora has been deeply affected by the developments of the millennium: people, modern roads, traffic congestions, urbanization encroachment, and deforestation. As I observed the regions, I noticed condition of the biodiversity is rapidly deteriorating, deleteriously impacting the ecosystem to extinction.

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