Aurora Day 2008 – People's Party and Fireworks Display

Aurora Day 2008

Aurora Day 2008 – Peoples Party and Fireworks Display
February 18, 2008 8:00 PM Capitol Grounds

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Joseph T. Gonzales, aka Kidlat is the creator of Batangbaler, the website and online community of all the scattered BalereƱos and Aurorans on Earth. He is based in Baler.

3 thoughts on “Aurora Day 2008 – People's Party and Fireworks Display”

  1. joe,
    what is peoples party? is it a party for the whole town? and if it is a party for the whole town, who spends for it.? do you have to cook and share to all, in one particular venue of the town or anybody could just come and visit any home and have a meal? so much activities and wonderful and colorful happenings under the sun, while we are buried in snow out here. right now we are having snow storm and it was predicted by the weather man that we will have another four inches of snow on top of the 4 inches that we have on the ground. looking at your pictures makes me want to come home and enjoy the festivities and warmth smile of the townspeople. GOOD JOB and NICE PICS.

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