Japan upgrades health facilities in Aurora

Embassy of Japan Press Release:

Japanese Ambassador Makoto Katsura and Aurora Provincial Governor Bellaflor J. Angara-Castillo signed the grant contract for “The Project for Upgrading of Maria Aurora Community Hospital” at the Embassy of Japan on March 14, 2008.

Ma. Aurora Community Hospital (MACH) in the municipality of Ma. Aurora, Aurora province lacks the necessary medical equipment to provide health services to its 40,000 residents. It is classified as an infirmary with a 15-bed capacity, but due to the volume of patients it actually operates as a 25-bed hospital. The hospital receives around 5,000 patients per year, most of whom are indigents. Most of the equipment currently in use by the hospital are already outmoded and dilapidated thus affecting the quality of health service rendered to patients. For example, due to the absence of appropriate laboratory equipment more than 33 percent of patients had to go to other hospitals and private clinics for their blood chemistry analysis which increases the cost of treatment.

With the US$61,300 grant from the Embassy of Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects or GGP, MACH will be able to procure new medical equipment such as laboratory tools, medical instruments, beds, delivery and examination tables and nursing equipment which would boost its capacity to provide adequate, appropriate and accessible health service to residents. On top of that, it will also construct a waste treatment facility to improve the hospital’s sanitary condition, and a powerhouse complete with a generator to provide ample supply of electricity to the hospital even during emergency situations.

GGP was launched in the Philippines in 1989 to reduce poverty and help various communities engaged in grassroots activities. As of 2007, 399 small-scale grassroots projects funded by GGP– ranging in cost from roughly PhP 1 to 4 million – have been implemented by NGOs, local government units, and other non-profit organizations. For more information about GGP and/or how to apply for grant assistance, interested organizations may visit the Embassy of Japan’s website at www.ph.emb-japan.go.jp (click “Japan’s ODA to the Philippines”).

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  1. Thanks to the Japan Government through with their Ambassador in the Phils. Sana tauspuso and pagtulong sanay walang kapalit. Pag grant (tulong) it is a simle help, but in other side, there is an exchange for help especially in economics and political aspects. Why we need to ask grant meanwhile we have budget coming from the national government, local government, and the CDF of the congressmen. I know that there are projects to be prioritized, but this project is very very important not only in Maria Aurora but in the different municipalities of Aurora province. In my analysis, yang grant na yan ang dahilan kaya pag me naabusong Pilipino sa mga bansang nagbigay ng tulong e nawawalang bahala. Yang Grant/Aid na yan ang isang dahilan kaya nauubos ang ating mga natural resources.

  2. Pareng Eman

    For the past several years even batangbaler.net was conceived many development aide came to Aurora Province yet some of these facilities, structures, peoples group never materialized because along the way our govt dont have the measure of the idea of continuity and sustainability… the more development aide coming. the more “kick backs” or pampadulas shall i say they can sequester before an external aid is implemented… then they can put their big names on sturdy billboards along the dusty highways saying “thru the initiative of Honorable Blah blah, and honorable so and so….. Aurora is still like in a Spanish Colony, the poor obeys their Masters politely but blindly to their current leaders…now its more than year or 2 since the idea of “fruit basket of luzon” been posted here… then what happen now?? aurora is still miserable as many years ago..

  3. salamat naman kc dati konti lang mga beds at mga ilaw dyan..sana dagdagan dn nla mga sahod ng mga ngtratrabaho dyan at dapat mgdagdag dn ng empleyado.wag clang mgtipid kc kawawa yong mga maysakit.kaysa pmunta p cla s ibang lugar.sana nman wag din mgpabaya yong mga lokal n pamahalaan,,mayor bitong hala ka nsayo ang knabukasan ng mga kababayan ntin.from jojo bitong

  4. are they in need of visiting surgeon at maria aurora provincial hospital,if they in need in availabel as visiting surgeon,here’s my mobile n#09292612155@ 09062986619

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