Baler, Aurora – The Book

Baler, Aurora - The Book

Baler, Aurora is a book project by our good senator Edgardo J. Angara. It’s a thick, hard-bound, full-glossy coffee table book with loads of great photos and articles written by the senator himself and also by Jesus T. Peralta, Domingo Madulid, Jose Maria A. Cariño, Xavier Brisset, Enrique Quezon Avanceña, Manuel L. Quezon III, Ricardo T. Jose and Cong. Juan Edgardo M. Angara. I only managed to browse the book yesterday and I can’t wait to read the articles and feast on the photos – if I can score a few thousand bucks to buy it.

The book is now available. The price is less than 100$. If you want to buy one, just email me at and I’ll give you the details. I was informed that the book was printed abroad and only has a limited run. So get one now.

Baler, Aurora - The Book

Baler, Aurora - The Book

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Joseph T. Gonzales, aka Kidlat is the creator of Batangbaler, the website and online community of all the scattered Balereños and Aurorans on Earth. He is based in Baler.

14 thoughts on “Baler, Aurora – The Book”

  1. Will that book be available somewhere here in New York or NJ? Paniguru laang dahil i once ordered a book of different kind but never received it. Lalo na yan $100. Mabuti yung abutan.

  2. ano daw bood insang kidlat? nakasaad kaya jan sa libro yung mahirap na daan natin? ay yung oronan sa may gomez at carrasco tuwing umaga, nakasaad din kaya?

  3. This book is really nice and glossy…. but whats inside and the meat of this book?? If im not mistaken is about more on boasting political history and background of baler. If this book holds a content about true natural beauty of the people, nature, natives and government successful interventions then i will buy it even a thousand dollars for it! A book i can proudly put on my coffee table to show guests and friends how proud i am to be a part of this paradise. Id rather buy a hand painted canvass from a dumagat kid than buying this less than a 100 bucks book. MOST OF THE TIME THE TRUTH REALLY HURTS!

    Long live Dumagats! Keep trying mga Conyos

  4. bumili tayo at basahin bago husgahan ang libro. kung mayroon sa libarary, hiramin. wala nga palang public library sa Baler o sa buong Aurora na open sa lahat (mas importante nga pala ang Museo de Baler kaysa library kaya iyon ang itinayo). baka sa BI o MCC magkaroon sila. may magbebenta baga sa ebay o sa yahoo?

  5. dahil sa librong yan na pangkape….uunlad na kaya ang baler? babalik ang ganda ng kapaligiran sa aurora? etc…etc…

    baka naman kwentohan lang yan ng mga mayayaman at sikat sa baler…

    tama si zenkris! dapat kasama dyan yung oronan sa carrasco!

  6. in fairness mukhang maganda..judging from its cover..kaso lang merung kasabihan ay..pag kaya magiipun pa lang ng perang pambili aabot pa sa limited edition. let’s be proud. not towns have a book written about them. makasaysayan tayu. sana we live up to that level of ka-totyalan.

  7. Ganda ng pabalat…magamnda rin kaia ang nasa loob…baka naman mind manipulation na naman yan..o bagong memes o hard will…sana ipakita dyan ang totoong paradise ng aurora… ang pagkakaisang unti unting nabalutan ng ehhhheeemmm….

  8. well…you are probably right botyok. this book maybe only contains boasting of political history and background of baler. Praising the “good works” of our
    few political elites and reminding us that we owe to them everything on what have baler now. well…just curious…did the authors of this book also mentioned the vast track of lands that are now becoming on possession of one highest person in our province? well i just hope they did. but anyway…im sure this book contains all the best things about baler, geographically speaking. never mind those contents about few political elites who are trying hard to make up their “good” image to the aurorans. finally, all i can say is that we have to patronize this book of ours…this is about aurora, about baler, about the rise and fall moments of the aurorans. for those who have the chance to read this book..just skip the pages about boasting up of political careers of those few political elites of aurora (if there are any)….hehehe…lol

  9. your opinions are really valid especially sheen and botyok… but then, this book looking at it at any angle is a good thing… at least we have now our own hard bound book humbly displaying our history, heritage and sceneries… i would definitely buy (kapag nakaipun na – famine na ngay-un ay biruin mo 35 pesos na kadakilo yung d magandang bigas dito sa maynila).

    i hope in the future there shall be lasting job launching also in aurora… more entrepreneurs, more business men, more job planters… i hope also that many balik bayans shall provide jobs in aurora rather seeking jobs there. 🙂

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