Flores De Mayo 2008

The last four afternoons of the month of May in Baler were devoted to different flavors of the Flores de Mayo or Sagala or Santacruzan. The first day was for the senior citizens, the second day for the gays (yup, the church here has no issue about gays in santacruzan), the third day was for the teens, and the last one at the end of the month was the main event, what we Balerians call as the “benebens”. Like in any other catholic parts of the country, this racket has been going on for years. Check out this photo, a Baler sagala way back in the 50s:

Here are the pictures from last Saturday’s sagala (click the slideshow to biggify):

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This year’s Reyna Elena is Kristine Ferreras.

And the Reyna delas Flores is Dianne Manlapaz

I was searching for a background story about this tradition when I stumbled upon this website. It pretty much explains everything we should know about Flores de Mayo and even features pictures taken from Batangbaler.

Link to Flores de Mayo 2007 pictures
Link to Flores de Mayo 2006 pictures

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