Northern Aurora: The Might and Majesty

A stunning set of landscape pictures from North Aurora by Jay Jallorina

Jay Jallorina

From Bernard’s initial shots, we would never have anticipated the adventure, trouble and excitement that awaited us: The mad scramble for the rare bus at Cabanatuan at 3am…the bone-jarring 15+ hour rough ride to Baler and onto the edge of the province…all the dust kicked into our hair…no shower for 3 days…almost drowning in rain flood inside BJ’s tattered tent…the cheapest and juiciest blue marlin steaks…mini lobsters at P100/kilo…..not being able to SMS significant people (arrrrgghhh)….missing the magic light because of nature’s call!!!…digging holes on a remote beach…the sleepless days thinking about light and photography….the silliest jokes….being with your bestest friends and watching them cope with the rigors of travel….

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Jay’s photos of Dingalan were also featured here at Batangbaler a few months ago.

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  1. problema ng buong mundo ang climate chage lalo sa Pilipinas. Ngunit sa Aurora ay tuloy ang pagsira ng kalikasan. matindi anogging na kung saan mula 1965 hanggang ngayon di kayan patigilin ito mula lokal at nasyunal. ang programa nila illegal logging at ang kanila ay legal kaya tuloy. NANAWAGAN ANG MGA TAO NA ITIGIL ANG COMMERCIAL LOGGING AT MNING.

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