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Baler - Viva Films

Baler, the movie is showing today in the theaters near you. In case of Baler (or Aurora), the nearest theater would be in Cabanatuan due to the absence of any “sinehan” in town. I heard that there were hundreds of free tickets with free bus rides given to Balerenos (I was told that this is the right term for locals of Baler) so that they can watch the movie in Manila or any other places with movie houses. I wonder how those tickets looked like.

The reviews of the movie are coming in:

Commendable Film by Mario Bautista (Journal Online)

BALER, MMFF ’08 BEST PICTURE? by Joey  Aquino (Journal Online)

from Philippine Entertainment Portal – Watching Viva Films’ Baler is like watching a majestic eagle fly with huge stones attached to its feet—the eagle’s innate grace and splendor are dragged down by the unnecessary baggage. (by Israel David)


What I like to read is a review of the film by a Balereno. So if you’re a genuine Akaw and have seen the movie, send us your thoughts via the comments or email me at

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Joseph T. Gonzales, aka Kidlat is the creator of Batangbaler, the website and online community of all the scattered Balereños and Aurorans on Earth. He is based in Baler.

7 thoughts on “Baler – Now Showing”

  1. BALERENOS? Parang hindi akma sa pandinig. Mas matining pakinggan ang BALERIANO (Bulakeno, Manileno, Batangueno, Nueva Ecijano, etc, Iba ang Lagunahin, heheheh) kung Tagalog version o BALERIAN kung English o Taglish. Obviously, I am not a linguist but it just doesn’t ring right. Anung say ninyo? Kidlat? Pareng Botyok?

  2. Nangingilu din aku sa Balereno. Pero ayun sa mga mas nakakaalam ditu sa Baler, Balerreno daw po ang mas tama. Pero babalik na uli aku sa Baleriano o Balerian (english) at mas magandang pakinggan. Di bali nang mali.

  3. Ay maski “bingi'” ang tawagin na Balereno, de ka papansinin nuun. Baleriano or Balerian palagay ko ang ankup. Tanung natin sa mga ilungut at mga alta mas mabuti ng magka-linawan. Peru saludu aku duun sa result ng festival. Panalo. One step at a time eka nga. Hangga ngay-un pag may nag tatanung na Pilipino sa akin kung taga saan aku, pag sinabi kung Baler,Aurora….kailangan ku pang halungkatin yung history bago nila maintindihan. THe best way to locate Aurora…sabihin ku laang na nasa east of Luzon. Balereno? palagay ku ma-mi-miss ku pag may nag tanung sa akin. Let’s go Baleriano and Balerian.

  4. balerians, baleriano’s, kahit ano basta’t ma identify exactly if ur really taga baler. no need to think of it seriously ok. simple problem lng yan. basta ako ok khit ano itawag sa mga taga baler de baga…. a hi hi hi….

  5. watched it on 26 . Im familiar with the siege of baler but not on the “celso and feliza” love story so i was clueless as all other non-“balerenos” on the plot.
    i have some issues but most of them are on the technical side. but as whole, the movie was great… i think anne and jericho played their role satisfactory…

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