The ASAG Gallery

ASAG stands for Aurora Science Art Group. They have this small gallery under the stairwell of the two-storey building inside ANSHS. Visit it if you can. It’s very hard to miss, the building is the only 2-storey structure in the school and it has a sign in front that reads “Two-Storey Building” to remind us that it’s not a single floor or a 3-storey one. The gallery houses stuff that only artistic high school kids could come out with, like this head in a toilet bowl:


They should name the room Esprit de Escalier or The Spirit of the Staircase. ANSHS is currently celebrating its 26th Foundation Anniversary. The school has a website and they’re proud of it. I’m not.



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  1. galing ng nilalaman na mensahe ng installation art! work of genius!

    congratulations sa esprit d’escalier!

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