Karl Winston Cacanindin from Dipaculao – 2009 PMA Top Graduate

Karl Winston Cacanindin

Congratulations to Karl Winston Cacanindin from Dipaculao, Aurora for being the top graduate of the Philippine Military Academy this year. Karl will graduate Magna Cum Laude on March 16. He will soon join the Philippine Air Force. Congratulations! We’re proud of you. Don’t die too soon in those flying coffins of the air force.

from inquirer.net: Aurora man is top PMA graduate.

A young man from Aurora who entered the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to fulfill his father’s failed childhood dream of becoming a soldier will lead this year’s graduating Masiglahi class.

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from abs-cbnnews.com: Aurora native PMA class of 2009 topnotcher.

Aurora native 1st Class Cadet Karl Winston Cacanindin led the graduating class’s top ten cadets, who were formally introduced to the media in a press conference at the PMA on Wednesday.

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20 thoughts on “Karl Winston Cacanindin from Dipaculao – 2009 PMA Top Graduate”

  1. ayus ka pare! but make sure to shed light and provide vital change on the corrupt system of the military (sorry, kung ganun tingin ko. base to sa mga news and corruption cases na naipalabas ng media). stand on TRUTH! Rally the young generations of mistahs in righteousness, our country shall have a critical stage in the next 2 years!

  2. Congratulations Weng!

    Thanks for making us proud! You made our clan rise above the rest.

    We will always be at your side. Take care as you expand your horizon!

    You’re the STAR MAN!!

  3. Congratulations! We are very proud of you! You brought much honor to the family. I’m sure your lolo is proud of you, looking down from heaven.

    We wish you all the best & may you help uplift the morals of our countrymen.

    God Bless!!

  4. Congrats bro! Many are called but few were chosen. You were chosen but its not a privilege but a duty and it is a greatest honor to serve that duty. Aurorans look up at you more. Your country expects so much of you. I am looking forward to see your name yet in a much bolder print not in newspapers or any billboards but in the hearts of Aurorans and every Filipinos. Please don’t fail them. Congrats and take care of your back. There’s a lot of backstabbing in your chosen field. Again. Congratulations, we are proud of you

  5. ok ka bro…para kay mark racca..asa ka pa..matagal na yang modernization ng afp..pero hanggang ngayun F-5 pa lng din available..

  6. Tsk!tsk!tsk! sinu baga ang ka-away ng Pilipinas at kailangan natin ng F16? Halimbawa nga na magka-ruon tayu hala nga, kaninu natin gagamitin iyun? Aydi maliwanag na pampa-hambug de baga? Bagu naman tayu mag isip ng milyun dolyares na halaga na jet figther ay akaw….mahaba-habang daan papuntang Aurora ang maipapa-ayus nuung halagang iyun na kapalit ng F16. Be practical Buy!

  7. ano nga baga ang silbi ng F-16 adi pa- forma laang ano? mabuti pang ibili ng helicopters para sa relief operations kada bagyo at baha, at sa insurgency para matapos na yang mga rebeldeng naggugulu laang sa ating mga kabayan.gaya baga nuung encounter sa casiguran. akaw ay inumaga na ang squad nila maldo, walang tumulung galing HQ, adi ubus ang bala nila nung madaling araw na, ubus din sila maldo!

  8. Stand true with ur speech! (Talk is cheap always as they say) But i hope you’ll stay true to the end!!!! Id loved ur speech esp the last three lines i think (except the “mahal na pangulo thing” so disappointing)….the young generations need principled, honest soldier-leader like you….

    but don’t get killed too soon!!!

    wish ko lang makita kita ng face to face….im a FAN you know!

    Take shield from prayers!!!!

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