I Finally Saw Baler the Movie

Baler the Movie

I finally saw Baler the Movie. It was a fine yarn but between the dog that never ages and Anne Curtis’ french tip, I can’t feel the soul of the real Baler in the film. For me the highlight of the movie is the two-second clip featuring Mac Ritual (picture above). All in all, shots taken in Baler clocks in at less than 2 minutes.

And since this film is only based on the real story, the history is inaccurate and the geography is wrong. Teachers should not make the mistake of showing the movie to their students and present it as the real thing. The film is 99% showbiz. For the real story of the Siege of Baler, check out this website

The movie is now available on DVD. Check out kabayancentral.com

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Joseph T. Gonzales, aka Kidlat is the creator of Batangbaler, the website and online community of all the scattered Balereños and Aurorans on Earth. He is based in Baler.

11 thoughts on “I Finally Saw Baler the Movie”

  1. You watched it on Channel 11?

    I never intended to watch the movie, but when the community channel showed it, I ended up giving it a try. It was more of a love story than a historical film. Was disappointed big time, but I really should not expect much from it. I mean, it was part of the MMFF. Making money could be their number one goal.

  2. it’s being shown almost every night at Baler’s local channel (the one owned by the cable provider). yeah, i agree, it’s very “showbiz”….

  3. And it did not even give me the feeling of a big budgeted film. I hope they start making films with more quality and stop being too formulaic. It’s they who set the trends not the people.

  4. I think that is. I wouldn’t say the movie was negative exposure cus it definitely wasn’t. Neither was it an absolute positive cus the movie did not give the “Baler feeling.” But negative or positive, it’s still exposure.

    And oh, that’s probably the first Holy Week when tourists really teemed the town. Too bad I didn’t bother celebrating it cus I’m not religious, eh.

  5. For me as a european tourist visiting Philippines for the first time this movie had it all. I saw it in December 29, 2008 at the Trinoma Mall in QC. I saw love, war, tragedy, comedy and also a story that had a true story behind even though exaggerated in many ways as it should sell as a movie. This made me convinced that Baler might be one of the places in Philippines that I should visit next time I go there.

  6. there was a very short scene when katipunoros were apprehensive about their kababayan…ganito ang takbo ng uspan….delikado, may may lumuwas sa maynila! sino, si manuel? hindi, si pedro!

    sino ang tinutukoy? magkapatid na pedro at manuel quezon? bakit, may duda ba ang mga kaitpunoero sa mga quezon? hindi ba’t si MLQ ay katipunero rin kasama ni aguinaldo tapos nabilibid pa nga sa fort santiago?

    relevant ba ang napakaikling scene na ito sa sine o may agenda ang director at producer?

  7. Kung babasahin po natin ang kasaysayan, si Lucio Quezon ay isa sa mga naging biktima nang panahong iyon. Siya ay pinatay ng mga katipunero kasama ang kangyang bunsong anak na si Pedro. Pauwi sila galing maynila ng harangin sila sa may Malopa river. Ang dahilan ay panug sa mga kastila si Lucio Quezon at isa sa mga ginawa niya ay ituro sa mga sundalong kastila kung saan nagtatago ang mga katipunero. Ang mahirap lang tanggapin ay bakit pati si PEdro ay pinatay nila.

    SI Manuel L. Quezon ay sumama sa Rebolusyon nung panahon na ng Amerikano.

    Isa pang istorya ay nung may katungkulan na si MLQ, inihabla niya sa korte ang mga pumatay sa tatay niya. Magandang basahin ang kasong ito:


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