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Most events of the 400 years celebration of the evangelization of Baler (1609-2009) are happening in Manila and local media are not being provided with information that most of them happen without us locals noticing. Batangbaler is trying to alert you readers about some of the events like the Baler Food Specialties at Shang-ri La Makati, The Art Exhibit at NCCA and the Agri-Trade Fair at the Bureau of Soils in Quezon City. But local events like the Jewelry Training and Exhibit, the Sayaw Pinoy Workshop and Presentation and the Painting and History Quiz held last February just passed by without much fanfare.

And there’s another one coming next week. Do you know about this:

activities all over the country are animated through a Heritage Festival calendar of events. This will be particularly manifested in Baler, Aurora from May 19-24 where an NCCA-ITI team of artists provides cultural care-giving linked to mountaineering, bird-watching, sail paintings, murals, creation of photo and video studies and an arts camp on musical theater to evolve the Baler zarzuela to capture the rich panorama of the habitat, heritage and history of the town celebrating its 400th Foundation with a year-long menu of inter-agency programs led by NCCA under the leadership of Dr. Vilma Labrador and Cecile Guidote-Alvarez with community projects that will surely project Baler as a magnet for eco-heritage and arts-based tourism.

from the Philippine Star.

I created a Baler 400 Category in Batangbaler to keep you updated on this year-long event. Hopefully, i could setup a website for this.

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