Doña Aurora Quezon’s Baler home rebuilt

Aurora Quezon House
Aurora Quezon House


The original owner of Doña Aurora’s house was Zeneida Molina, who married Pedro Aragon. No records exist for the birth date of Maria, their oldest daughter, but documents exist showing that their second daughter, Emilia, was born in the house in April 1877, verifying the existence of the house at least to that date.

Aurora, their youngest daughter, was born in the same house on Feb. 19, 1888.

When the Spaniards burned the town in the twilight of the Philippine Revolution, Aurora was forced to take refuge in the church during the Siege of Baler. She was about 9 years old then.

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Aurora Quezon House
Aurora Quezon House

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  1. I’ve been away from baler for almost 3 yrs…..It is nice to see n umuunlad ang bayang ito through people but then I am sad na in my opinion lng naman n may mga abusadong tao………………..
    Sabi sa bible mahal ng Diyos ang mga inaapi…..ang mga mga mapagkumbaba ay lalong itinataas at ang nagmamataas ay lalong binababa.Hindi mu madadala sa lngit ang earthly treasures so one must have his heavenly treasures while we are here on earth.

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