10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #2

Drum & Lyre Competition
February 15, 2011
7:00 am – Parade from Baler Municipal Plaza to Capitol Compound
Competition: Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora

Aurora Day 2011 - Drum and Lyre Competition
Aurora Day 2011 - Drum and Lyre Competition

This is probably one of the last remaining original Aurora Day event since Aurora became a sub-province. And it’s not really original since we used to call this contest a Drum and Bugle competition back in the 80’s. Somewhere along the way the species of bugle-blowing kids became endangered and the bugle or trumpets were replaced by a more training-friendly instrument called the Lyre which is actually a xylophone since lyres are big and expensive and would be hard to carry on parades. Being a school-based affair, this event draws a great number of crowds most of them elementary and high school kids who were required by their teachers to watch it.

The event will begin early in the morning with a parade starting at the Municipal plaza up to the capitol grounds where the exhibition contest would begin. There will be two categories – elementary and high school. Each municipality will be represented by the winning schools in their respective district contests. The gig will last until early in the evening when the winners are announced. Don’t miss Tomo, don’t miss this event.

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