Google Earth Images of Aurora Province

I’ve been monitoring Google Earth for sometime waiting for high resolution photos of Baler and other towns in Aurora. Last year they updated the low-res images of Baler to slightly better but still low def satellite photos taken in 2010. This month, the images of Baler and some parts of San Luis and Dipaculao were again updated with the same crappy and now black and white photos. But, while Google Earth provides no joy for Aurora’s capital town, some places, especially up north are getting nice snapshots. Here are some screencaps I made for your viewing pleasures. Click on the images to biggify and see if you can spot your roof in the pictures.

Poblacion, Baler, Aurora
Poblacion, Baler, Aurora

Low-res 2010 picture of Baler, Aurora. Some big structures could be identified. From this picture, you can tell that Baler’s town plan is a mess.


A slightly better but black and white picture of Baler.

Google Earth - Aurora Province

Brgy. Dibulo in Dilasag, Aurora.


Brgy. Diagyan in Dilasag with the PATECO sawmill compound on the lower left area of the picture.


Casapsapan Beach, Casiguran, Aurora.


Poblacion, Casiguran, Aurora.


The APECO area in Esteves, Casiguran, Aurora.

Google Earth - Aurora Province

Bianoan, Casiguran, Aurora.


San Ildefonso, Casiguran, Aurora. Dalugan beach is on the lower left area of the picture.

Google Earth - Aurora Province

Brgy. Abuleg, Dinalungan, Aurora.


Brgy. Ditawini, Dinalungan, Aurora.

Google Earth - Aurora Province

Brgy. Dinadiawan, Dipaculao, Aurora.

Google Earth - Aurora Province

Dipaculao, Aurora.

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