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10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #5

Tuklas Talino (Galing ng Aurora)
February 15, 2011 7:00 pm
Sentro Baler

Aurora Day 2011 - Tuklas Talino
Aurora Day 2011 - Tuklas Talino

This is Aurora’s version of Pinoy Idol, Showtime and U Can Dance all rolled into one, which is a re-imagined version of the staple Dance and Singing contest every fiesta time. When I first heard the title of this event I thought it was a Quiz Bee. I’m glad that they are now renaming it as Galing ng Aurora although the Tuklas Talino title is still being used. This is a contest in Singing, Modern Dance and Ballroom Dance with a grommet and open division. Each municipality is represented by the respective winners in their own local Tuklas thing. The Balerianos of Showtime fame trace their roots in this local competition. This year look out for their special guest – Teri Aunor. Tuklas Talino will be held at the Sentro Baler.

Click here to view the Aurora Day 2011 – Tuklas Talino Pictures.

10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #4

Nightly Parties
February 14 – A Valentine’s to Remember (Capitol Grounds)
February 15 – Reggae Night (Capitol Grounds)
February 17 – RnB Night (Capitol Grounds)
February 18 – Acoustic Nights (Capitol Grounds)
February 18 – People’s Party (Sabang Beach)
February 19 – Governor’s Ball (Sentro Baler/Capitol Grounds)

Aurora Day 2011 - Valentines Party
Aurora Day 2011 - Valentines Party

I’m guessing that this was conceptualized as a nightly genre music concerts featuring local and national acts. The Valentine’s Party on February 14 will be a night of “music and ballroom dancing” with performances by Anton Diva and The Gwadings. February 15 will be a Reggae Night that I guess will have performances by Baler’s popular reggae acts. I hope they play the surfer song “Bujangin”. The original events sked listed a Disco Night on February 16 but was later scrapped to give way to the Bb. Aurora Talent Night to be held at the same venue. I hope the Stayin Alive and VST&Co. fans would not be disappointed. February 17 is RnB Night. I don’t know any good Rhythm and Blues local bands so let’s hope the Tourism office bring in at least Rihanna to make the night exciting. There will be two parties on February 18. For the beer drinkers and rockers, there’s the People’s Party at the Sabang Beach after the Fireworks Display. I heard that show sponsor San Miguel Beer will bring in Alamid, that local band we loved in the early 90’s for giving us the hits “Your Love” and “Batibot”. Also on the same night, there will be an Acoustic Night at the Capitol Grounds. I know some great acoustic singers in town so this should be a great gig. On the last night of Aurora Day Celebrations, Governor Bellaflor Angara-Castillo will treat the government employees of the Province and her guests to a night of ballroom dancing and musical performances. This event is what we used to call as “Auditorium” years ago. I also heard that there will be a Beer na Beer concert at the Beach featuring Parokya ni Edgar. This is not a part of the Aurora Day official events but let’s hope it’s true. If it’s not true them my reliable source is not that really reliable and I will remove him from my Facebook friends list promptly.

10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #3

Tourism and Trade Fair
February 14 – 19, 2011 – Capitol Grounds

Aurora Day 2011 - Tourism and Trade Fair
Aurora Day 2011 - Tourism and Trade Fair

The Tourism and Trade fair is a showcase of Aurora’s best destinations, best products and best foods. The tourism part features creatively designed booths by the eight municipalities of Aurora. It’s also a contest so every year the 7 municipalities try their best to beat Dinalungan. Each booth features the best places to go to and the best adventures to experience in Aurora. They also feature the best local products that their municipalities can offer. The trade Fair part of this event is a tribute to the entrepreneurs of the Province. Expect lots of sabutan products, furnitures, locally made foods and souvenirs. The fair will run from February 14 to 19.

Click here to view the Aurora Day 2011 – Tourism and Trade Fair Photos

10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #2

Drum & Lyre Competition
February 15, 2011
7:00 am – Parade from Baler Municipal Plaza to Capitol Compound
Competition: Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora

Aurora Day 2011 - Drum and Lyre Competition
Aurora Day 2011 - Drum and Lyre Competition

This is probably one of the last remaining original Aurora Day event since Aurora became a sub-province. And it’s not really original since we used to call this contest a Drum and Bugle competition back in the 80’s. Somewhere along the way the species of bugle-blowing kids became endangered and the bugle or trumpets were replaced by a more training-friendly instrument called the Lyre which is actually a xylophone since lyres are big and expensive and would be hard to carry on parades. Being a school-based affair, this event draws a great number of crowds most of them elementary and high school kids who were required by their teachers to watch it.

The event will begin early in the morning with a parade starting at the Municipal plaza up to the capitol grounds where the exhibition contest would begin. There will be two categories – elementary and high school. Each municipality will be represented by the winning schools in their respective district contests. The gig will last until early in the evening when the winners are announced. Don’t miss Tomo, don’t miss this event.

Click here to view the Aurora Day 2011 – Drum and Lyre Parade Photos

10 Events You Should Not Miss on Aurora Day – #1

The Aurora Day Celebration is a two-week event and you deserve a Diploma if you can manage to watch all the events. Some events will also be happening at the same time so you will also need superpowers to complete the task. So if you’re a mere mortal, here’s a guide to help you on what you should not miss during the celebrations. I will post this in installment and not according to rank. These are also just my suggestions and you probably have something better on your mind – like watching people catch fish or storming the baratillos. It’s your choice.

#1 – The 5th Aurora Surfing Challenge/7th Skateboarding Competition

Okay, I’m cheating here but these two are both extreme sports and will be happening almost at the same time so I’m bunching them into one.

Aurora Day 2011 - 5th Aurora Surfing Challenge
Aurora Day 2011 - 5th Aurora Surfing Challenge

5th Aurora Surfing Challenge

Date: February 9 – 13, 2011
Location: Eliminations/Semis – Labasin Beach, Sabang, Baler, Aurora; Finals – Cemento Reef, Baler Aurora
Awarding: February 13, 2011

Don’t let the number in the event title fool you. Aurora has been doing surfing competitions since 1997. This year should be the 14th Aurora Surfing Cup. Unfortunately, five years ago the new set of organizers decided to reboot the event and started counting from 1 again. Local surfers love to call Baler as the birthplace of Philippine surfing and they have the classic surfers to prove it. Not even Siargao can pull out a surfer from the pipes that’s as old as Raul Tolentino, Rodel Novicio, Edwin Namoro or Boss Duaso. There used to be only one surfing event in Aurora, now I think there’s one for every month of the surfing season. But the biggest event is the one happening every Aurora Day – The Aurora Surfing Challenge. Every February, the best Pinoy surfers in the country do a pilgrimage to this small town by the Pacific to join the competition and try to bag any of the 16 prizes up for grabs. There’s an Open competition, a Junior Division, a Grommet Division (kids) and a Wahine Division (girls). This year’s pot is 75,000 pesos and other shwags for the grand champion. All the events will be happening at the Labasin Beach. Grand finals will be at the Cobra Reef in Cemento. There’s no exact time for the contest because it depends on the mood of the waves. Just go there early in the morning and feel the surfing vibes.

Aurora Day 2011 - 7th Skateboarding Competition
Aurora Day 2011 - 7th Skateboarding Competition

7th Skateboarding Competition

Date: February 11-12, 2011
Venue: Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora
Awarding: February 13, 2011

Although relatively young the Aurora Skateboarding Competition has grown to be another nationally recognized extreme sports event like the Aurora Surfing Competition. There are actually great local skater bois and a good bunch of them are winning in national competitions. This contest was actually a spawn of the Lukso Happy Competition that’s being held every August during Baler Fiesta. This is a smashing event for lovers of extreme sports and kids who want to learn how to break bones properly.

Aurora Day Celebration 2011 – Schedule of Activities

Aurora Day 2011
Aurora Day 2011

Updated February 7, 2011

Feb. 7-13, 2011
Inter-Agency Sports fest
Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora
Parade to be held on February 9, 2010

Feb. 9-13, 2011
5th Aurora Surfing Cup
Sabang Beach/Cemento Beach

Feb. 11-12, 2011
7th Skateboarding Competition
Capitol Grounds, Baler

Feb. 12, 2011
Camp Ravina, Baler, Aurora

Feb 13, 2011
Awarding: Sportsfest, Surfing, Skateboarding

Feb. 14, 2011
Grand Opening: Aurora Day Celebration 2011
Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora

Araw ng Pagkilala
Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora

Awarding: Best Performing Primary Cooperatives
Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora

Ribbon Cutting – Tourism & Trade Fair
Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora

Valentine’s Party
Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora

Feb. 15, 2011
Drum & Lyre Competition
Capitol Grounds, Baler, Aurora
Parade from Baler Municipal Plaza to Capitol Compound

Araw ng Mangingisda
Sabang Beach Baler, Aurora

Galing ng Aurora (Tuklas Talino)
Sentro Baler, Baler Aurora

Reggae Night
Capitol Grounds, Baler Aurora

Feb. 16, 2011
Carabao Race
Baler Central Sch., Baler Aurora

1st SEDJA Kayak Race
Tibag, Sabang, Baler, Aurora

Bb. Aurora 2011 Talent Night
Capitol Compound, Baler, Aurora

Feb. 17, 2011
Araw ng Magsasaka
Capitol Grounds, Baler Aurora

Bike Race
Sponsored by Sen Edgardo J. Angara

Bb. Aurora 2011 Coronation Night
Sentro Baler, Baler Aurora

RNB Night
Capitol Grounds, Baler Aurora

Feb. 18, 2011

Street Dancing Competition/
Launching of Kinagunasan Festival
Capitol Grounds, Baler Aurora
Parade: Baler Municipal Plaza to Capitol Compound

Gallery of the Sea
Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora
Sponsored by Sen. Edgardo J. Angara

Fireworks Display
Sabang Beach

People’s Party
Sabang Beach

Acoustic Night
Capitol Grounds, Baler Aurora

Feb. 19, 2011
Baler Central Sch. Covered Court, Baler Aurora

Parada ng Lalawigan
Baler Central School to Capitol Grounds, Baler Aurora

Anniversary Program
Capitol Grounds, Baler Aurora

Silent Drill and Paratrooper
Capitol Grounds

Governor’s Ball
Sentro Baler/Capitol Grounds

Info from Aurora Tourism Office
For more info: contact

Aurora Day 2010 Updates

Aurora Day 2010
Aurora Day 2010

I will post most of this year’s Aurora Day Celebration events on the Batangbaler Facebook Page. I will also link updates in this post for those who don’t have Facebook accounts.

This year marks the 31st Foundation Anniversary of Aurora Province. Keeping to the spirit of using BAC initialed theme, this year’s theme is Aurora: Booming Amidst global economic Crisis. The schedule of events are posted here.

February 19, 2010. Aurora Day 2010 Parade and Anniversary Program. Photos from Donna Friginal (FB). Photos from the Aurora Province Page (FB). Photos from Ymay Calugtong (FB).

February 18, 2010. Street Dancing Competition (Photos by Ymay Calugtong FB) People’s Party and Fireworks display at the Sabang Beach, featuring Siakol and Callalilly. The Concert photos are here. Video of Fireworks display.

February 17, 2010. Karera ng Kalabaw at Baler Central School (photos from Donna Friginal FB). Bb. Aurora Coronation Night. Video of Jonathan Urbano’s performance. AVP of Bb. Aurora Activities.

February 16, 2010. Basketball with the Stars at the Sentro Baler.

February 15, 2010.Drum and Lyre Competition (photos by Ymay Calugtong FB) Bb. Aurora 2010 Talent Night. Talents Video Clip.

February 14-19. Araw ng Pagkilala. Tourism and Trade Fair. Batangbaler Photos. Photos by Arwin Soriano (FB). Photos from Aurora Province (FB) . Photos from Donna Friginal (FB). Aurora Inter-Agency Sportsfest Awarding – Photos from Aurora Province (FB)

February 11-14. Aurora Surfing Challenge. Photos from Arwin Soriano (Facebook)

February 8, 2010. The Aurora Inter-Agency Sportsfest opens. A parade was held from Quezon Park to the Provincial Capitol. The highlight of the day was the Cheerdance Competition. The results: Green Team (Deped) – Champion, Violet Team (Provincial Government of Aurora) – 2nd and Black Team (Maria Aurora LGU) – 3rd. The muse and escort of the Violet Team won the Mr. & Ms. Sportsfest awards. The pictures of the parade from the Aurora Province FB Page . The pictures of the opening program and the Cheerdance competition.

Leona Paula Ranillo Santicruz from San Luis is Bb. Aurora 2010

Leona Paula R. Santicruz - Bb. Aurora 2010
Leona Paula R. Santicruz - Bb. Aurora 2010

Leona Paula Ranillo Santicruz is this year’s Bb. Aurora. Leona is 18 years old from Brgy. Nonong Sr. She is studying at the Lyceum of the Philippines University and taking up BS International Relations major in Diplomacy. Her parents are Reynaldo Santicruz and Sylvia Ranillo.

Bb. Aurora 2010 Winners
Bb. Aurora 2010 Winners

First Runner-up (left in picture) is Billy Jean Dulay Aliño from Dilasag. Billy Jean is taking up BSHRM at the Aurora State College of Technology. Her parents are Dante Aliño and Rita Dulay.

2nd Runner-up is (right in picture) Mary Hariet Kristine Esteves Vargas from Casiguran. She’s 19 years old and studies at STI College in Quezon City taking up BSIT. Her parents are Juanito and Marife Vargas.

This is the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW that a beauty from San Luis was crowned as Bb. Aurora.