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Hilong Talilong

I just found out that there’s really a thing called Talilong. I thought it’s just an invented word for the phrase Hilong Talilong, which means a person in disoriented mode. With a little help from Google, i found out that talilong is the common Tagalog term for the fish called mullet. It is an “edible fish of the family Mugilidae found worldwide in tropical and temperate coastal waters and some freshwater streams”. the scientific name is Liza Macrolepsis. (from this site)

And this plant, according to two reliable drinkmates is also called Talilong or Talelong Talilung. They say it’s good for sinigang or nilaga. It is also used as pig chow.


Someone posted a picture of “kabatiti” at the Barangay Batangbaler blog. There’s no close-up shot but you will get the idea of what it looks like. It’s a shrub and the young shoots are used to flavor fish soups. I believe it is used exclusively for fishes. Some people say that there are actually two varieties of this plant, the male – called kabatiti and the female – called kabakiki.

Barangay Batangbaler is a blog i created for all Aurorans who want to share their photos and stories. Check it out.

The Best “Mami” in Baler

Best Mami in Baler
Best Mami in Baler

The best mami in Baler, probably in Aurora, is available at a Suklayin restaurant with a very endearing name – I LOVE YOU PISNGI. It is located in front of Seaoil gas station along the Quezon highway near the Provincial Capitol. The place is owned by chef Paloy. Check it out!

Update 2010: This was posted way back in 2006. I Love U Pisngi is now located at T. Molina St., Brgy. 5, Baler Aurora, the road going to Sabang. There’s still a mami/food house in front Seaoil named I Love U Mami (I think) which is being run by Paloy’s sister.

Update 2014: I Love U Pisngi is back in Suklayin. It’s now in front of Ropali near Seaoil gas station and the Provincial Capitol along Quezon Highway.

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Stealing Kat-ti

I stole this kat-ti photo from this blog. Check out the other pictures. Funny how you discover things on the net. I was reading this blog by the vocalist of Half-Life, Half-Death, a band I dig (dug? 🙂 back in the 80’s, and stumbled on his post about warm bodies, an online anthology published in PDF format. It turned out that one of the editors of the tree-saving e-zine is from Baler, the son of my elementary teacher in Suklayin. Wait til you see the Big Brother of kat-ti, the Buting!