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Poppo Olag's Garden

Believe it or not, these plants are in the USA. Every summer, Poppo Olag who lives in the suburbs of Washinton D.C. embarks on a gardening project that turns his backyard into a Suklayin farm look-alike. So if you live near the place and suddenly feels the urge to eat sinigang sa adwas or tinutung gabi, you know who to contact.

These are his adwas. Planted on giant pots so that Poppo can move them to the garage when winter sets in.

His kutikuts.

Hmm, the gabis are ready for a dish of tinutu, or pinangat, or just plain binagoongan with adwas.

With his ampalayas. He also has sitaw and upo. Next time he will try kidya, kabulaw and kabatiti.

More on Sining Silangan

Here are the profiles of the artists who will facilitate the upcoming Sining Silangan ’05: Aurora Summer Visual Arts Fest on May 16-22, 2005 at the Baler Central School and Museo de Baler:

Yuan mor’O Ocampo. Yuan is a multi-media artist who is well-known in the Philippine Art scene as one of the pioneers in the practice of performance art. For two decades, he has brought to the fore Philippine art in Asia and Europe and has performed with such luminaries as Yoko Ono, Abramovich and Nielsen. He is the organizer and artistic director of the Philippine International Performance Art Festival and the Live Art Movement Philippines. More recently, he represented the country in the Odense International Art Festival in Denmark in 2004 and in Sydney, Australia, 2005. He studied at the University of the Philippines and in Bandung College of Art in Indonesia. (click here for the Google results on Yuan mor’O Ocampo.)

Soaring High by Noel Pama

Noel Pama. Noel Pama’s art practice range from painting, sculpture, mixed media and digital art. As an active member of the Art Association of the Philippines, he has garnered top prizes in national painting competitions, most recent of which are first place in Webgising digital art contest and Best Entry for digital art in the Art Association of the Philippines’ annual competition. He now divides his time between family life and art production, managing a design firm of his own. He had his training at the Philippine College of Arts and Trade. (click here for the Google results on Noel Pama)

Siyesta by Jeho Bitancor, 1995

Jeho Bitancor. Jeho is a native of Baler, Aurora. His interest in art started at an early age, a fascination he still pursue at present as a multi-media artist. He is basically a painter and designer who is now engaged in Performance and Installation art. He was awarded several times for his paintings and graphic art works and has represented the country in international art events. He is presently involved in NGO work as a creative consultant for cause-oriented groups. He studied at the University of the Philippines and had a brief training at the Art Students League of New York. He lives and works in Quezon City. (click here for the Google results on Jeho Bitancor.)

Click here for more info about the Aurora Summer Visual Arts Fest.

Atty. Olipas

March 2, was a historic day, at least for Atty. Isagani Olipas, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Secretary. That’s the last SP session he attended as a secretary. Atty. Olipas retired on friday March 5 after 35 years in service. Atty. Isagani Olipas, from Maria Aurora, served every Aurora governor from Luis Etcubañez to Bellaflor Angara-Castillo.

In the picture is Atty. Olipas and his wife Mrs. Minda Garcia Olipas, flanked by Gov. Castillo and Vice. Gov. Tangson during his retirement party.


Aurora lost a great person when Mr. Lauro Bihasa passed away more than a week ago. Ka Lauro, who hailed from San Luis will be remembered as a great teacher, musician and a model Auroran. Loved and respected by many, he was survived by his wife, Mrs. Lading Villas Bihasa and their two children. He was interred at the Baler Cemetery on Tuesday, March 1, 2004. He was 52 years old.

Also, one of Carrasco St. originals. Ka Rolan Buen passed away more than a week ago. He will be missed.


Mets (drinking from the poso) works at GMA as production designer of Nuts Entertainment, art director of 3R and recently as a researcher for Naks!, that Bearwin Meily and Benjie Paras magic program imitating David Blaine. Until about three episodes into Naks, Mets didn’t know that he’s working with another pure Akaw, Ethel Mapindan from Buhangin, daughter of Councilor Mapindan. Yes, that female magician in the show named Ethel is from Baler. She’s in the show by way of Eric Mana, a great Fil-Canadian magician who is her husband. Anyway I told Mets about her and he just bowled over. They were talking “dipuntu” to each other not knowing that they are pure Akaws. Now they talk attilauys and enjoying their inside jokes about Tantul and Ka Paul. Aside from Mets, there are two other Balerians working at GMA.

The above picture by the way was taken at Dimanagsag East, a sitio in Calabuanan, Baler, Aurora. With Mets are Ayie Pimentel and Enniele Sinsay.


Balikas – Barakong Kape

Edelio Delos Santos is the Editor-in -Chief of Balikas, a livelihood, environment, and community newspaper circulated in the Calabarzon, Area. He hailed from San Isidro, San Luis, Aurora. His regular column in the paper is Barakong Kape. This is his latest article:

Kwentong TV at Baha sa Aurora. Dumating ang ilang magkakasunod na bagyo na nagdulot ng pag-apaw ng Ilog Dikildit na katabi ng aming barangay. Sikat bigla ang San Isidro, halos kalahati ng aming barangay ay lumubog sa baha. Ang binahang bahagi ay ang Purok Tres, na tinatawag naming “Tondo,” kung saan karamihan ng nakatira’y mahihirap na magsasaka. Ilang linggo ang inabot bago humupa ang tubig.

John Arcilla

Just a shoutout for my homie John Arcilla. Our kababayan played a role in Reymond Red’s Anino, 2000 Cannes Film Festival Golden Palm winner for short film. He played the anino in this 10 minute flick. The short was acquired by atomfilms a few years ago and it can be viewed online if you know how to look.

Here’s the trailer of the short film on youtube: