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Dinadiawan Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora

Dinadiawan Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora

Last February 26th, I posted this photo without telling where it was. If you’re still guessing, the place is in Dinadiawan, in Dipaculao. This is an overnight picnic of sorts by the hardworking peeps from the Provincial Tourism Office to take a break from months of torture they suffered during the Aurora Day celebrations and also as a birthday bash of the office overlord chief who is now having a different kind of picnic somewhere on the other side of the globe. The four hour trip to Dinadiawan is another form of torture in itself, but it’s all worth it.


There’s the place as seen from Google Earth.

Here are the pictures. Click on the slideshow to biggify.

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SharenI uploaded the pictures last May 8 and procrastinated on posting about it on this blog until today. Much has happened in those 16 days. The election reshuffled some government posts in the Province, and one friend who was with us during the Dinadiawan trip suddenly passed away last May 17 – Sharen Jamora. She was a staff at the tourism office and I had a chance to work with her during the preparation for the Aurora Day celebrations. She was also a fellow tour guide and a co-alumnus at ANSHS. She will be greatly missed.

Aurora Tours – Surfin' Aurora

Joseph Gonzales Photo

This is the second tour package being offered by the Aurora Tourism Office. This one is for the adven-tourist and those who want to experience the famous surfing waves of Aurora. The first package – Aurora Oddysey can be viewed here. Spread the news!

3 Days/2 Nights; Minimum of 4 persons per package
Php 4,150 per person/Php 5,650 per person for beginners (includes 6 hours of surfing tutorial)


  • 3 days/ 2 nights twin sharing accomodation at Bay’s Inn/ AMCO Beach Resort/ Bahia De Baler
  • Full board meals
  • Souvenir items
  • Roundtrip transfers & vehicle rental for the tour
  • Surf Guide service
  • Net inclusive

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Aurora Tours – Aurora Oddysey

The Provincial Tourism Office has just rolled out two tour packages for people who are interested in experiencing Aurora Province. I’m calling all kababayans to help promote this thing by spreading the news. I’m not being paid for this post, just doing my part in promoting our place. Here’s the first tour package:

Aurora Oddysey
3 Days/2 Nights; Minimum 10 persons
Php 4,475 (per person)
Effective until March 31, 2007


  • Three (3) days Two (2) nights twin sharing hotel accomodation at Bay’s Inn/AMCO Beach Resort/Moreno Lodge/Bahia De Baler
  • Welcome Drink
  • Full Board Meals including Welcome Dinner w/ Entertainment
  • Souvenir items
  • Entrance Fees
  • Boat & Van/Coaster Rental for the tour
  • Tour Host Service
  • Net Inclusive

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Boris Travel

Time to thank BatangBaler’s only Direct advertiser, Boristravel. Boris Travel and Tours has been online since early months of Year 2002. This company is a wholesaler-retailer of various Philippine Domestic Packages as well as International Tour Packages. To name a few, Boracay Packages & Palawan Tour Packages are among its hot local offers. Philippine Local Tour Packages are being offered using Asian Spirit, Southeast Asian Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines. The company constantly promotes the beauty of the Philippines including but not limited to Philippine top beach destinations, Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, Palawan Underground River, Philippine Heritage Sites & many beautiful places in the Philippines.

Boris Travel is frugally located at Unit 867 Park Avenue Mansions, Park Avenue St. Pasay City. The office is very accessible by MRT to Makati Area, LRT to Manila Area and NAIA I, NAIA II, Domestic Airport. We are open from Mondays thru Fridays from 9AM-6PM and Saturdays & Sundays from 09AM-4PM. Contact them at: 834-6605, 833-3911, 833-3912, 833-3913 or email them at or

Most employees of Boristravel are from Baler and San Luis.

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Travel on Baler-Bongabong Road Banned

from Travel on landslide-prone highway banned. “The Department of Public Works and Highways continued to enforce the travel ban along the Aurora side of the Bongabon (Nueva Ecija)-Baler Highway as mild rains hit the area.Ramon Aquino, DPWH director in Central Luzon, said they were issuing the advice early to prevent loss of lives along the highway’s 61.2-km landslide-prone sections.“Definitely, travel is not allowed,” said Aquino.Various hills there have been left bare by the landslides in 2004 and 2005 and some concrete portions of the road have eroded grounds underneath, he said on Tuesday.The Villa Maria segment in Maria Aurora town is particularly dangerous as two rivers bound the area. Floodwaters and mountain debris washed out the bridge there in December 2004, killing five people, three of whom were DPWH personnel clearing the road.”

“Aquino said commuters should take the safer Pantabangan-Canili Road on their way to Aurora.”

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my comment: The Canili-Pantabanga road…safe? ha ha ha!

Dimasalang Falls

Dimasalang is a sitio of Brgy. Dimotol, Ma. Aurora, Aurora. It is one of the Barangays along the Ma. Aurora – Pantabangan road and located halfway along the route, between Brgy. Dianawan and Galintuja. From the look of the place – logged-out and mostly secondary forests, you wouldn’t guess that the place shelters a series of waterfalls called Dimasalang. The terraced waterfalls is just a 30-minute walk from the road. Years ago, the local government decided to develop the place and a kilometer long concrete walkway was constructed. Along the path, they also put up concrete cottages for the would-be travelers to the place.

Then a group of indigenous people decided to form a settlement upriver, the source of the waterfalls. After they settled, the water downriver was found to be contaminated and the Dimasalang Falls area was abandoned as a tourist site. I didn’t know about this when we went there. I just found out about it when I asked some people in the tourism office why the place was not in their list of Aurora tourist spots. Anyway, the place is not really that “dirty”. If you can stand swimming in the San Luis Dam (a popular picnic place) or Kinalapan River then the water in the area is about 10 times cleaner. The waters are clear and aside from the mosses, you wouldn’t guess that it’s not that pristine. I guess the local government is just too touchy or too concerned about the health of their visitors.

Here are the pictures. I came with Donnel Gomez, Rommel Sindac and our guides Aurelio, Loreto and Ryan.

How to go there step 1: Go to the bus terminal and ride a D’Liner or any bus that will go via Pantabangan. We dcided on a Cabanatuan bound Wadi Laki D’Liner. The fare is 40 pesos from Baler or 30 if you’re coming from Maria. If you have your own ride, make sure it can manage the 60 degree inclines of the road. You can also start from Cabanatuan if you’re coming the other way.

One and a half hour later, were already shopping for energy drinks. Our choice is the good old quatro cantos.

The landmark is this huge stump of a tree in front of a small house. The concreted pathway – complete with pipe balusters- starts at the back of the house.

The pathway is already covered with grasses. Ready those lotions and alcohols.

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On A Whim

The other day, on a whim, I strolled from the “opis” all the way to Digisit, where the road up to PAGASA starts. It was the first time I went there since the December typhoons. Most of the houses, concrete and wooden, on the seaside were wrecked and the reefed beach is now back to it’s pristine condition. At least until a few more months since the land “owners” are already reconstructing their resorts. Here are some of the pictures i took. The trip was a sure cure for “bonog”.

Digisit Beach. That trimmed mountain point there is natural. No illegal loggers caused it. It’s always been that way. Old folks call it “Pokpok na Bundok”. (I earlier posted that it is called “Bundok na Kalbo”. Thanks to Poppo Olag for the correction.)

This one is a wallpaper. Just click on the image to open the big one.

Anyaw. That big island was already “inangka” by some foreigner and he’s building a house on top of it. I don’t know if it was destroyed by the typhoon. I hope it was. Reminds me of Lizardo from Ang Panday.

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